Nova Scotia – man and nature in perfect harmony

Widely known as one of the most culturally and geographically diverse provinces in all of Canada, Nova Scotia has no shortage of spectacular landscapes. Its unspoiled nature and historical buildings are in perfect harmony. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and lifestyle that has made the province famous the world over.

The vast Atlantic Ocean is ubiquitous, the lighthouses, the rocky shore and sandy beaches add to the incredible maritime charm of the Nova Scotia. The sites are spectacular – a serene and expansive wonderland without crowds. Besides an intact environment and the bustling urban center of it’s provincial capital there are lively cities and picturesque fishing villages waiting to get explored. Nova Scotia is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to unique and exciting activities: whale watching, hiking, boating, a thriving music scene and all the fresh from the sea seafood imaginable.

Halifax – the province‘s capital

It takes merely 6 hours of air travel from London to reach Halifax International Airport. This makes it kind of a gateway to North America for travelers from Europe. Halifax, an Atlantic Ocean port and major business center in Atlantic Canada is also known for its maritime history. It looks out over one of the worlds largest natural harbors. The Halifax municipality has a population of over 400.000.

The urban area is the second largest coastal population centre in the entire country after Vancouver. Halifax features a massive student population of 60.000 making it one of the liveliest east coast cities. It is home to the most bars per capita in all of North America.

The first British settlement began in 1749 with the arrival of about 2500 settlers from Britain. Halifax developed into a base of operations for the British during the American revolution. With the city’s beginnings they built gigantic fortifications on Citadel Hill which is overlooking the harbor and surrounding lowland. It is now a historic site that includes a multitude of touristic attractions like re-enactments, ghost tours and guided walks around the inside of the fort.

Besides the citadel, Halifax offers several interesting attractions like the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, the Canadian Museum of Immigration at the Pier 21, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the library. Halifax is only a 25 minute drive away from Shag End!

Indulge your every whim

You’ll find an almost unlimited choice of leisure time activities on Shag End and it‘s surroundings. Sheltered bays with cristal clear ocean water offer a perfect playground for all kind of water sports. You may explore hundreds of unspoiled islands and estuaries with canoe, kayak or under sails.

For keen golfers there is the 18 hole Granite Springs Golf Course right next to the entrance of the Shag End development. The proximity of Halifax provides fascinating urban distraction. And the idyllic village of Peggy’s Cove with its most famous lighthouse, one of Nova Scotia signature landmarks, is in the immediate vicinity.


The unusually mild climate in Nova Scotia feels rather exceptional for Canada. The Gulf stream promotes comfortable temperatures and moderate precipitation levels. Nova Scotia is positioned on the same geographical latitude as the Riviera of Southern France. A warm summer season succeeded by a long and mild autumn showing all the gorgeous Indian Summer colours is characteristic for the province. Nova Scotia is sharing this trait with neighboring New England states of the US.

Highlights Overview:

The Granite Springs Golf Course is located in the immediate vicinity just off the Shag End development. Shag End residents can enjoy relaxed golfing on the well groomed greens of the 18 hole golf course just across the scenic Route 333.

Plunge into the water and relish the invigorating refreshment of the cool Atlantic. You will know the true promise of living on Shag End when swimming in the ocean within spitting distance from your home or even when accessing the waters from your own property. The warm waters of the Gulf stream provide some guarantee for your indulgence. Besides there are also plenty of natural beaches in the immediate proximity. Also surfers, sailors or fans of canoeing may find their personal paradise around here.

A city with more pubs and clubs per capita than any other city in Canada – the province‘s capital is big enough for providing an abundance of cultural and culinary indulgence yet lacking the hectic and stress levels of other major cities in North America. Halifax with a population of just over 400.000 offers plenty of contrast. There is a special atmosphere surrounding the streets and boardwalks. Sea breezes keep the air clean. Leafy, manicured parks and gardens nestle between heritage buildings. There is also a thriving arts, theater and culinary scene. All of this is a mere 30 minutes drive away from Shag End. The capital’s international airport moves Halifax into easy reach from Europe.

The quaint fishing village of Peggy‘s Cove on the South Shore is famed for its picturesque East Coast profile with houses perched along a narrow ocean inlet. The wave washed boulders form a stunning and very unique setting. It can be reached within just a few minutes drive off Shag End to the west on Route 333. Peggy‘s point lighthouse was built in 1915. It is Nova-Scotia‘s most famous lighthouse and the most photographed in Canada.