We render comprehensive service together with open and transparent information – as a matter of course! You can expect from us full services spanning from your first inquiry, through inspections on-site, right through all services required after your acquisition of a piece of land. We give you a leg up, so you can focus on the essential.

As opposed to many other players on the real estate market we are the direct owners of all our lots on offer. We therefore personally stand for the quality of our proposition.

Legal monitoring

Every European citizen as a basic principle has the right to buy a piece of land in Canada. All legal proceedings of a lot acquisition are subject to Canadian jurisdiction. There is no need for a purchaser to be present though. A notarially certified copy of the identification document is sufficient.

At your request our real estate lawyer, Mr Ivo Winter, will support you in an advisory capacity. You may consult him over the phone or visit him in his office in Halifax. He speaks English and German.


Contact details:

Ivo Winter
P.O Box 180, Arichat
Nova Scotia, BOE 140
Phone +1 902 226 3711

Shag End on-site inspections 

On-site inspections can be arranged anytime according to prior agreement. Our local representatives help you with scheduling and organization of your stay.


On-Site Contact:

George Pike
4281 Project Rd.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3P6 Canada
Phone +1 902 852 3289


Several times each year we organize our special event, a 4 day reconnaissance trips to Nova Scotia. Join us on this journey and experience the way of life for yourself, the diversity, beauty and peace of this sunning coastal landscape.

Dates available upon request.

Services required after purchase of land

You bought a piece of land from us – Welcome to Shag End

Now you decide when you intend to start with construction of a building – or whether at all. All lots are prepared and have the necessary permissions granted to build a house. You may benefit from our experience and network when it comes to special questions regarding site development like water supply (construction of a well), sanitation (septic tank) and driveway.

An electric gate on the entrance to Shag End subdivisions helps to prevent unauthorised people driving into the development. 


On-site Service

The neighborhood on Shag End is built on a friendly atmosphere and mutual respect. We can also help you find a reliable partner to look after your property when you plan for longer periods of absence. Even a skilled janitor can be mandated

Our partner may help you with model houses from simple wooden cottages to exclusive holiday homes or retirement mansions. It goes without saying that we support you in establishing contact with local craftsmen and suppliers of construction materials.

Are you interested in a “turn-key” solution? This house is currently under construction in the Shag End subdivision

Shag End Cottage “Loreley”

(download here) 

Get in touch with our partner