Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s four provinces which form Atlantic Canada. As a peninsula it is almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic ocean including numerous bays and estuaries. Nova Scotia is the second-smallest of Canada‘s ten provinces, with an area of 55.283 square kilometers stretching over 580 kilometers from southwest to northeast. Nova Scotia offers plenty of stunning coastline to explore. Nowhere in the province is more than 67 km from the ocean.

It‘s provincial capital is Halifax. Halifax is a thriving and prospering place with more than 400.000 inhabitants. A major economic centre with a large concentration of government services and private sector companies, it‘s also known for it‘s maritime history. As the cultural and historical capital of Atlantic Canada, Halifax has been delighting visitors for over 200 years.

With windswept lighthouses, historic villages and 13.300 km of rugged coastline, Nova Scotia is home to some of Canada‘s most evocative landscapes. Cape Breton Island, a large island to the northeast of the Nova Scotia mainland separated by the Strait of Canso, is also part of the province along with another 3800 coastal islands.


Between sheltered sea bays and virgin forest, the Shagend peninsula presents itself as a very special jewel. Located in one of the most beautiful stretches of the Nova Scotia shoreline the characteristic headland is protruding into the Atlantic ocean as a unique symbiosis of land and water.

The Shagend peninsula is positioned on the 44th latitude as is the Italian city of Genova or the neighboring US state of Maine. Halifax, the provincial capital, is only 25 km away. It’s international airport can be reached by car in less than 45 minutes. Air travel from Frankfurt or Munich to Halifax takes about 7 hours. London is a mere 6 hours away. That makes Nova Scotia the gateway to the North American continent for travelers from Europe.


Hop on board and enjoy this drone flight over Shag End

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