Live and work in Atlantic Canada – invest in your future

Post-pandemic remote work – since the pandemic began, working life has changed and with it the attractiveness of cities and provinces in Canada. The question of where to live when you can work from anywhere is answered: in Halifax. And of course Shag End, a gem just 15 miles from Halifax. Living and working can be wonderfully combined here. Secure a property in Atlantic Canada / ShagEnd near Halifax. Whether capital investment or even better, as an investment in the future.

Halifax – Atlantic Canada –  Number 1

Maclean’s, Canada’s leading current affairs magazine, puts Halifax first! The latest ranking finds that Atlantic Canada’s long-overlooked cities are the top places to live, work and study – preferably from home. Halifax has been ranked #1 as the best community in Canada to live and work from home. And not only thanks to housing prices that are still affordable by Canadian standards. Halifax has all the advantages that city life brings: excellent healthcare, first-class Internet access and a large selection of bars and restaurants. The famous friendliness and community spirit of Atlantic Canada speaks for buying a property in the region. Other important issues such as weather, taxes, crime, access to health care, community engagement also play a positive role in improving the quality of life. Shag End, just 15 miles from Halifax – a stone’s throw by Canadian standards – offers quality building lots. From here you not only have the proximity to the city of Halifax, but also the idyllic location of a peninsula in the Atlantic. Right on the famous Lighthouse Route. Secure a building lot on Shag End today as an investment and investment in your future.

Invest in a property in Atlantic Canada – now ist the best time

Real estate prices in and around Halifax are skyrocketing. Halifax has grown at an above-average rate in a very short period of time, the second-fastest of any major metropolitan area over the past two years. This renewed interest in Atlantic Canada real estate is an incredible opportunity for many to work from anywhere. Thus, the region around Halifax is becoming more and more attractive for international buyers as well as for the Canadian market.

A house, a lot in Atlantic Canada – an investment in life – move your study to the sea

Why not a change of scenery in the working environment? Home office with a view and only a 5-hour time difference. Working where other make vacation. Holiday where others live and work. Because no matter whether as a holiday home or as a permanent residence or as a study by the sea. A house in Canada cannot be compared to a tiny city apartment. Enjoy the space that both your property and your new home have to offer and start a new life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or a family. Halifax offers a very good infrastructure for all generations and has also been classified as one of the friendliest cities in the world. Good training is also provided. It is not for nothing that Dalhousie University in Halifax, also known as Dal, is ranked 10th among the best universities in Canada in terms of student satisfaction. Dalhousie offers more than 4,000 courses and 180 degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Interested? Then contact us. We offer you high-quality building lots in Canada – directly on the Atlantic coast on the Shag End peninsula in Nova Scotia. Only 25km away from Halifax City. Find out more about us and secure one of our building plots for your dream house in Canada.

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