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Indian Summer in Atlantic Canada – what a glow in yellow, orange and red!

The province of Nova Scotia in Canada offers the most impressive Indian Summer in North America alongside the New England states in the USA. Here you can find out why a property in eastern Canada on Shag End is worthwhile in addition to a capital investment.

Real estate as an investment in quality of life

In addition to the great advantage of a capital investment, there is another reason for buying a property in Canada. From your property on Shag End you can start your wonderful day trips or getaways to the most beautiful and colorful autumn landscapes of Eastern Canada. Once a year, the Indian Summer transforms Nova Scotia into a radiant sea of color. This phenomenon lasts for almost 6 weeks starting around mid-September. It is often accompanied by a rise in temperature to over 20 degrees. Shag End is the ideal starting point for your autumn trips.

Experience the Indian Summer in Canada

Nova Scotia may be the second smallest province in Canada, but it scores in many ways. Not only the maritime charm fascinates you, no point is more than 56km away from the sea. Nova Scotia in Canada, along with some New England states in the USA, offers the most impressive Indian Summer in all of North America. In autumn especially, the backland of the province invites you to a breathtaking explosion of colours. Seemingly endless forests with brightly coloured deciduous trees. What a glow of yellow, orange and red! From the second or third week of September, the color explosion begins. Then the leaves of the oak, alder and maple trees begin to turn from green to red to dark purple. The forests of Canada offer up to 800 different tree species. In comparison, no more than 50 different species occur across Europe. This natural phenomenon, also known as “foliage” lasts up to six weeks, often accompanies by a rise in temperature of over 20 degrees and usually a bright blue sky. Just wonderful! 

Where does the expression “Indian Summer” come from? One is not quite in agreement. An attempt at explanation is that the indigenous population knew how to use this time sensibly and saw it as the last resort for collecting winter supplies.

Your property on Shag End in Nova Scotia Canada as a base to experience the Indian Summer

Start your Indian Summer journey from Shag End! in just under 2 hours, you are in the Annapolis Valley, known for its small farms with fruit, vegetable and wine growing and fishing villages. Grapes, apples and pumpkins are harvested here in autumn. The valley offers wonderful paths for long walks. A trip to the Bay of Fundy is also worthwhile, not only because of the intense color of the leaves, but also because of the uniqueness of the tidal difference of up to 13 meters at normal high tide. 

Inside tip: Try the regions local wines prepared with freshly caught seafood, lobster and fish. Also just 2 hours away from your property in Canada is Kejimkujik National Park. Already before about 3000 BC the Mi´kmaq Indians settled there. It is a National Historic Site due to its cultural and archaeological importance to Canada. “Keji”, as the park is lovingly abbreviated, was dubbed the “dark sky preserve” in 2010 due to its location far away from light pollution. Seemingly endless forests, numerous rivers and lakes were already used by the natives as waterways between the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic. In Canada, the colorful Indian Summer can not only be experienced in rural regions, but also in the middle of the capital Halifax, only 25km away from your property on Shag End. Covering an area of almost seven hectares, the Halifax Public Gardens are a natural oasis that is home to over 140 tree species – Indian Summer guaranteed.

Curious? Yet no property in Canada that you can call your own? Then simply contact us. We help you to realize your dream of your own property in Canada.

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