Property in Atlantic Canada near Halifax

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Recharge your batteries!


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Long lasting values on Shag End peninsula

Pure bliss, undiluted zest for life. A magnificent environment is waiting for those who dream of discovering something special once in a lifetime. It may become home away from home for you. You can acquire a parceled plot ready for building with fully developed infrastructure from about 1 acre up to 5 or even 10 acres in size. Whether you decide to live on your property, sublet or just leave it untouched is solely your own decision. Rest assured though that owning land at Shag End estates remains a solid investment in the future. Dreams come true in Nova Scotia – welcome to Shag End!

Based on the limited number of lots available along the coastline an appreciation in value can be expected.

The mild climate in combination with a breathtaking natural and cultural environment provides for highest quality of life.

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Gateway to North America – On the Nova Scotia South Shore – English speaking – Only 25 km from provincial capital Halifax – International Airport – Direct connections to London, Frankfurt and Munich – Sought after holiday destination – Very authentic lifestyle – mild climate all-year-round – Historic fishing villages

[/bsf-info-box][bsf-info-box icon=”dfd-icon-sailboat” icon_size=”32″ icon_color=”#ffffff” enable_custom_title_typography=”yes” title=”LEISURE ACTIVITIES
” enable_custom_subtitle_typography=”yes” subtitle=”Stunning nature” el_class=”freizeit” title_font_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_font_color=”#ffffff” desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]Diverse range of recreational activities – magnificent beaches, rugged coastline, quiet bays and sheltered inlets offer countless outdoor adventures – swimming, diving, kayaking, canoeing, sailing and fishing – directly neighboring a 18 – hole golf course with driving range and clubhouse – snowshoe hiking and cross-country skiing in winter – cultural and culinary delights – strolling about in Halifax – exquisite pubs and restaurants[/bsf-info-box][bsf-info-box icon=”dfd-icon-grill” icon_size=”32″ icon_color=”#ffffff” enable_custom_title_typography=”yes” title=”CULINARY SCENE
” enable_custom_subtitle_typography=”yes” subtitle=”Harvest-fresh to the table” el_class=”kulinarik” title_font_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_font_color=”#ffffff” desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]Diverse culinary art – Fresh lobster and fish from the Atlantic ocean – numerous pubs and beergarden, explore vineyards and wineries – numerous festivals and theaters – great pub scene for folk lovers, especially those who fancy Celtic music[/bsf-info-box][bsf-info-box icon=”dfd-icon-star” icon_size=”32″ icon_color=”#ffffff” enable_custom_title_typography=”yes” title=”EVENTS
” enable_custom_subtitle_typography=”yes” subtitle=”Voyage of discovery” el_class=”events” title_font_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_font_color=”#ffffff” desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]Invitation for a discovery tour – join us on a trip to Canada – visit Nova Scotia – experience the region’s way of life – be amazed by the diversity, beauty, and peace of the spectacular scenery.[/bsf-info-box]


Shag End‘s assets are more than obvious – snatch at the offer!


Simply convincing.

Just a good feeling.

We take care of everything.

You simply relax.

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Like in a picture book. The picturesque headland situated close to the provincial capital Halifax stretches 3 kilometers into the Atlantic ocean.

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No matter whether directly on the water or on higher grounds – convincing pricing for buidling sites and all lots provide good infrastructure

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Feel like a coming with us on a journey to a great adventure?Our expedition will guide you to the Shag End peninsula and will show you the unique and characteristic beauty of this development – a mere 30 minutes away from Halifax.

The region is the closest and most accessible Canadian tourist destination for Europeans. You can reach Halifax International Airport from London in 6 and from Frankfurt in 7 hours. The moderate time difference of just 4 hours with England make even short stays a real pleasure any time of the year.

In case you are interested in traveling with us or if you need more information please get in touch. We are flexible. As a matter of course we are prepared to arrange special travel appointments upon your request.

Seize the opportunity for a safe and long-term investment and reserve a lot for yourself in this unique natural paradise.


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